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Where or where has Bootleg Gone?

Right where I said it would be.  We are currently in Everquest on the TLP server Phinigal.

I have to tell you this has been not just a blast from the past, but a reminder of what we like in gaming.  What we like is the ability to have some difficulty in the game.  A general higher level of difficulty that takes some dedication.  Mobs chasing you across zones, losing xp if you die, a giant world without restrictions, a feeling of danger and a sense of accomplishment after you spend 6.5 hours camping something and when people see it on you, they know you put in the time.

When I look at my druid Amadagu, I know everything on him I and the team earned.

Now the question becomes, to join a guild or build a guild.  That is the question!

Look us up any time, our names are listed below.

Hennings, DosMelones, Kazzuk,Amadagu

Day 3

Day three was a rough one.  Had nothing to do with EQ however.

First I had internet issues all weekend.  Ugh Cox you are killing me lately.  But when I did have internet (total of 3 hours and they weren’t together), I was able to work on my baby druid.  He is five now.  I was getting ready to fix my twitch stuff and upload to Youtube my most recent when I realized… I NEVER RECORDED THE STREAM.

I had to walk away when I realized that.  But none the less, not much was missed.  I died a few more times, practiced my multi mob kiting and was getting back into the groove of working the pathing and getting my medding down while kiting.

Tonight with a new overlay, I am bound and determined to get some recordings going :)


The start that wasn’t

Well, I was able to get in and reserve my name, but that was about it.  Oh, yes in typical fashion, I died to a giant Wasp.  Must remember the con system :)

On a side note… you have to laugh about EQ having EQ issues.  New server, instant level 50’s.  Fixed.  Then nope, still have level 50’s.

Such a classic EQ launch :)  I will have to convert my local video over so we can all share in the laugh :)

The Amadagu Journal

I continue to do my raiding on the weekends in World of Warcraft.. yeah yeah, I enjoy the WOW expansion… sue me :)  But I want to do a bit more and there are certainly strong internal pulls to get back to do a radio show.  So in a way I am going back to my “roots” or at least as close as I can get to them.

So tomorrow with the launch of Everquest’s Ragefire progression server, which has been in beta for about two weeks, Amadagu comes back.  Yes I am making him a druid again.  Yes he is a wood elf.  Yes I am clearly a masochist.  I thought about doing project 1999 because some of my old gaming friends are there.  But in the end the idea of an entire server starting over, level 1, close to original EQ but some of the quality of life changes, it flat out sold me.

The quality of life changes certainly do not make it a clone of Vanilla EQ, nor should it.  There were some very painful things about the classes, experience and similar.  Don’t let the nostalgia get the better of you.  Certainly there was a sense of accomplishment for getting through it.  But going through it again?  Not so much.  For me it was the way it played and the freedom of it.  THAT is worth looking at again.

So tomorrow when I get home from work, it’s time to tune into Brehon Live and see if it can live up to an expectation of fun.

Dungeons, Deaths and Drops Oh My!

Today was pretty exceptional.  Bootleg is humming along rather nicely.  We did our first completion of Stormtalon!!  I have to say WildStar’s take on dungeoning is simply awesome.  There is immediate danger and true feelings of accomplishing something.  If this is how we are starting out, I simply cannot wait to see what else is in store.

Soon as the video is posted to YouTube, we will share it with all.  You get to see our success and failure, of which I promise there will be many.  Today we did experience the frustration of dealing with server lag.  However, like normal, Carbine was on top of it working on a fix.

Since the last post (a bit more than 24 hours ago) we have added 12 members!!  A warm welcome to:

  • Dynamitefuzz
  • Areskael
  • Mardoll
  • Triplesix
  • Clarion
  • Abadfish
  • Hunnybunny
  • Auryelle
  • Tarinowyn
  • Dornie
  • Eritix
  • Yall

Even with this, our average level has stayed just over 15.  Wednesday has plans for more adventure runs for our newly arrived level 15+ and get some more wins in Stormtalon for guildies.

Keep on trucking Bootleg!

Bootleg’s First Adventure

Today the goal was to take on our first adventure as a team.  We were able to take our people 15+ through with a lot of laughs and fun.  Our first run is being uploaded to YouTube.

Hats off and kudos to the team.  Particularly the willingness to spec for the teams needs.  Can’t wait to hit 20! 
 A warm welcome to our new members:
  • Tosruss
  • Faerona
  • Divinis
  • Roho
  • Sylointnite
  • Kinyon
  • Jahz
  • Syrric
  • Duroxx


WildStar – Release day 1

What a rush.  After a rocky start with the log in server.  A few of us from Bootleg sat in TeamSpeak and attempted to wait it out.  In the end Kazz and I finally got in about an after the official release.  It was on from there.

Knowing I had to work the next morning didn’t stop me from staying up until about 5am my local time to get in as much as I could.  Before I finally decided nodding off at my desk wasn’t the best plan, I was level 9.  Kazz and I killed our first two man and got ourselves on the path to get the guild created.

Since Kazz had the reservation, during the day he formed up, fixed up the website from my normal mess ups, invited our folks in game.  By the time I arrived home for the evening everyone was finishing up.  No matter I kept at it to now attempt to catch up (everyone was in the early to mid teens).  In the process I got together with my fellow Thunderfootian’s and we popped ole Grendelus the Guardian.  If you don’t know, Grendelus is a 20 man level 11 mob in Celestion.  I have it on video and once the highlight is updated, I will post it up here.

A big welcome to the new guild members!!!  Tosruss, Faerona, Divinis, Roho, Sylintnite, Kinyon, Jahz, Syrric and Duroxx :)


Bootleg Invades Thunderfoot Server for WildStar’s release

If you haven’t been to the guild site, you are missing out (click on Bootleg the Guild in the menu).  Bootleg is officially launching on Thunderfoot for the much anticipated launch of Carbine Studio’s WildStar.  We have taken part of the beta and got our shit together (even posted a fun video of Timmeh and I trying to 2 man an adventure and failing!).

Shout to to Jim, Stacey and Timmeh for making beta a blast and helping get everything ready.  I know they are as excited as I am.  You will get to see all of us as we broadcast live and get back to making our how to videos.  Additionally this will mark a return to regular radio broadcasts as we cover WildStar, our adventures and the gaming community as a whole.

If you want to be a part of this launch and the Bootleg family, just hit us up here, twitter or catch us in game.  Just look for Brehon and prepare for fun.

Cant wait to see you all there.  Folks I have to tell you, Carbine got it right and you are missing out if you don’t give it a chance (and by all that is Holy, get past the linear start to really give it the proper due).

Lets have a blast!  The question remains… Do you have some Bootleg in ya?

WildStar Beta Weekend #3

What makes WildStar live up to the hype?

There is a lot WildStar got right for my gaming.
1. Humor – it has been a long time since any game had a true sense of humor which was interlaced within the game itself. Others are so serious any real humor would “break the immersion”

2. Combat – I am in control of what my character does. If my fat fingers are too heavy on the controls (common for us older players /tease) I have to deal with it. But finally…. FINALLY I am in control of what my character does. I see him/her winding up to land something, I move, I stun I am able to do something other than hit a “kick” and hope something happens. Additionally, I have noticed some mobs have the little one you can double dash out of but that will put you in a bigger hit. I love this. Add to the fact if I have trouble with something I can regroup and reset up. This type of fluidity in combat is more than necessary, its long overdue. Having done my first adventures this weekend, (sans the bugs in a couple options within the adventure) the idea the group can decide what we are doing and actually make choices is simply awesome. Thank you for making me a part of it vs a scripted actor in it WildStar!

3. Crafting/housing. I put this together because there is a symbiotic relationship to it. Putting my first house together and being able to choose not just an aesthetic appeal but having functional pieces is simply brilliant. Yes I have my BBQ pit…no real functional value. But I also have my garden (plants and such for my tradeskills) and my crafting station. This means when I want my solo personal time, I can do so, in my own space. Its no different than having a hobby at home. Does it take away from having to farm mats. No, but it gives additional value to doing so. Farm the mats and gather seeds. Now that mat has a second use, or a third if I get that seed again. This was simply smart. Farmville within the game and without all the “extra” farmville bits. Point and purpose strikes again. The great part… non of it takes away from the zen of your space. Overall in tradeskills I am simply learning the basics, but I am not unhappy with it at all. Great flow (so much better than last beta weekend.

4. Classes – Simple and elegant. But I get to make them what I want. I was lucky. I found something I wanted right away (Medic). I read nothing about it. I found the idea of personal defibrillators not only hilarious but absolutely unique. And my person looks like a bad ass. I can move and use my abilities. This was my second character. I started with an Engineer. Loved him too, but it wasn’t that “like a glove” feeling (what can I say I like to heal). Esper – meh. After being able to run around and do my abilities it was tough to play one that had to sit still. But, in saying that, it was not a pushover. Warrior – didn’t play that, left it up to my buddy. I have played too many games where I wear a sword, was happy to hang that up. Stalker – wow… if you like DPS, roll this bad boy (or girl). Lots of fun, very fast, you KNOW you are there for dps and everything flowed very well. I didn’t do a spell slinger yet because… well I haven’t :) Honestly felt a bit too SWTOR (and I am still a bit sore at them) for me to play right now. I have also done Soldier (fun), Settler (win), Scientist (bleh) but haven’t gotten to explorer yet. What was the point of this long windbag section – YOU are in control. Period. And the glasses have their humor and fun period. Just one thing Why can’t Exile women have a single pony tail… /rude (No really my wife was not happy).

5. The world is simply cohesive. There are a couple of things I want to say are missed opportunities, but that is unfair. The game unfolds well. Just have to get off the starting area. I need to feel freedom in a game and the simple fact is I do. Don’t want to quest, take the less efficient route of exploring and killing (old school way). You will find that too is a lot of fun. See what is around you, that rock formation may just be a mob!!! (no really that happened to me). Dominion wants to own it, Exiles have no where else to go. There is a sense of busy, sense of purpose and a sense of want as a player. The art style fits the humor and both explain more about the game than anything else.

6. 20/40 man raids. Are you kidding me!?!?! Its about time this returned. Let us have point and purpose in what we do. Let a guild have a meaning beyond I have 4 other friends and we can do 99% of the content. You mean I have to recruit folks and make a cohesive team of 20/40 people. THANK YOU! If I want to do it all solo, I can go play a single player game. It may not seem like it to some, but this creates a deep social connection. If you are a small guild, you will need to find other small guilds. This isn’t a “maybe” this is a must. This is exactly why SWTOR failed early on with its raid content. I could just take 10 folks and make it work with 6 carrying 4. Now however, now we have to get 20 folks and due to game mechanics they have to pay attention. This is fertile ground for “growing” your team and giving everyone something to do. This is very old school (and 40 is still less than 75 in a world before vent/mumble etc) and well received because now a true guild has to form up, have a plan, execute the plan and implement the structure only to then be ready to adjust to the make up and dance. This honestly gives me the feeling of Chardok (sheer number of mobs) plus Safety dance (but harder) and Karazhan (pure number of mobs, varied scenarios and a need of true teamwork). Yeah this is exciting.

7. PVP is simple and fun. I wasn’t stunned to death and killed (hello WoW, hello SWTOR). Not sure what brainchild decided hey, stun and stab to death is pure PVP fun. I know it is for the stun and stabber, but its not for everyone else not matter how much epeen waiving is going on. Once again I felt I was in control. The new break out component (thank you for changing this) made for an excellent form which quickly became part of natural play. It was time to reprogram my nostromo so I didn’t have to jump back and forth to my keyboard. I certainly learned people are adapting to PVP quicker than I am!!!! :)

8. Questing is something I hesitate to talk about. Because no matter what we all say, questing allows us to move forward. Of course its repetitive. The thing is it is slightly LESS repetitive than hanging out at a camp spot and killing mobs for hours at a time. But you know what they do have, random named/rares you can go hunting for. While you may not look at this as questing in the general sense, clearly if you are seeking them out then you are taking part in the most defined explanation of the word Quest. After all was not the Golden Chalice a “quest”. Just saying folks :)

Now what I don’t like (its a small list) –

1. Exile opening story
2. Unfortunately chat is starting to be populated by the “wow was the first mmo” trolls
3. Starting area (too linear for me, but I can now get through it VERY VERY quickly).
4. Linking up with fellow players who didn’t go to the same secondary start area is a pita. I don’t mind the running around actually as I learned a lot in doing so. However, I should have paid more attention. All guilds need to understand this as they start. Have a plan for linking up. Zones are not attached as you might think they are. This is a gripe and not a reason not to play.
5. Last patch (yes I know its beta, hence why I am rating it) introduced a few cumbersome bugs which directly could interfere with play/visuals. Easy fix it to /reloadui but still a step back to make a step forward was a bit rough.
6. Talk about going FTP. Probably (hopefully) just a rumor. It is my belief you get what you pay for. And unfortunately I have seen in the world of rash FTP to survive the business world, the FTP players are too often the squeakiest wheel and demand changes that harm the games. I was told this was just a rumor and I pray it is.

10.00 Points (start for all games)
-0.25 for bugs that formed from last patch (step backwards)
-0.25 for a completely linear start. (I get why, I just don’t like it)
-0.25 for preset factions (this is lazy pvp set up)
9.25 rating for current standing as a beta game.

“Current standing as a beta” takes into account there are bugs. If a bug was mentioned this is because it popped up as new and interfered with game play. General crashes or other “normal” beta problems are again already accounted for.


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